Get Classy with a Modern Crystal Chandelier

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No longer only found in churches, ceremonial halls or castles, modern crystal chandeliers adds a touch of elegance to the home. The fixed stereotype of a crystal chandelier appearing only in fairy tales is slowly changing and modern crystal chandeliers are finding their way into homes of all styles.

When choosing modern crystal chandeliers, consider the following:

• The size and shape is in proportion with the room;
• The height of the ceiling;
• The style is appropriate to the décor.

Modern crystal chandeliers can be an eye-turner for the most unexpected places in the home.
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A Brief History of Crystal Chandeliers

When first designed in the 17th century, chandeliers held candles and were used in large buildings like churches and cathedrals. Chandeliers offered a more efficient way to light large spaces. Over time, chandeliers became more complex and decorative and ultimately became known as elegant ceiling light fixtures. As electricity became more common, crystal chandeliers altered to accommodate different lighting options and styles developed to fit a wider variety of rooms.

Modern Crystal Chandeliers

Today, crystal chandeliers come in many styles and sizes. The traditional multi-tiered look is still in use, but there are so many more options to choose from. Some modern crystal chandelier styles include:
  • Neoclassical - Defined by its many delicate and fluting arms.
  • Baroque - Thicker arms defines this style and crystals are hung below and between its arms.
  • Empire - This type of chandelier is usually made of metal and has a ring or crown that supports the structure.
  • Regency - Like crown chandeliers, regency designs feature a hoop, but it is less obvious and often disguised by the surrounding crystal.
  • Contemporary - This term encompasses virtually any hanging light fixture with more than one light source.

Crystal Chandeliers for Modern Interiors

A great way to add a touch of style, colour and personality to any room is with modern crystal chandeliers. Here are some things to consider when selecting a chandelier:
  • Look at different options to find the one that best suits the space and atmosphere of the room;
  • A higher ceiling will typically need a larger fixture;
  • If the chandelier is floating over a table or island, make sure the chandelier doesn’t overpower the space when suspended.
  • Choose a style that will complement the room.
Once only reserved for formal dining rooms and grand entrances, contemporary homes are using modern crystal chandeliers as dramatic focal points in kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms.